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Gonzo Libertas

Supremely Ungovernable Supremely Dark Roast

Supremely Ungovernable Supremely Dark Roast

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Indulge in our Supremely Ungovernable Supremely Dark Roast, a bold and rebellious blend that defies all norms of traditional coffee roasting. This Dark French Roast is crafted for those who dare to embrace the untamed and the unbridled. With its robust and intense flavor profile, this coffee embodies anarchy in every cup. Experience the bittersweet and toasty notes that dance on your palate with each sip, leading to a strong and unforgettable finish. The rich flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts permeate throughout, offering a decadent and luxurious coffee experience that is both captivating and complex. Our Supremely Dark Roast is more than just coffee; it's a statement, a declaration of independence from the mundane and the ordinary. It's for the coffee enthusiasts who seek something daring, something untamed, something truly ungovernable.

  • Size: 12oz (340g)
  • Medium-dark roast
  • Toasted nut and cocoa tasting notes
  • Growing region: South America
  • Whole bean or ground options available
  • Roasted in the USA
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